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What is the of Meroechain and what is provided !

Historically, the Meroe region has had the largest share of the Sudanese contribution to the well-being of humanity as a whole. Meroechain is the first Application to implement the blockchain program in Sudan. It aims to make maximum use of this technology in managing the country's multiple exports in the field of agriculture. Industry, livestock, mineral, in addition to the supply chain, in addition to the field of social services.


Our Solutions

Combating corruption and its related aspects
Funding social projects with the help of banks
Digital transformation
Fight tax evasion
Assisting government units in expediting tax collection

Our Mission

Due to the accelerating paces of the development taking place in the global world and especially in the Blockchain technology, it is our task to catch up and to introduce this technology .We are intending to transform Sudan’s economy, to an effective and working economy, that is constructed on the Block chain and to be net-working in the global economic dynamics.

Through the process of decentralizing the economic performance in Sudan, we offer in partnership with Blockchain achieving the following.

Our Services

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BlockChain Devolopment
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BlockChain Consulting
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Banking Transformation
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Training & Course
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Trading & Investment Plan


DeFi is an abbreviation standing for , decentralized finance which refers to digital assets and financial smart contracts, protocols, and decentralized applications (DApps),. Most of which are built on Ethereum. In simpler terms, it's financial software is built on the blockchain that can be pieced together as Money Legos..

Traditional financial systems in which, banks and intermediaries are used to complete a single transaction between parties. This could take up several costive days. A decentralized financial system is the one where, transactions occur between one individual and another, with no middlemen. It is governed by smart contracts, in which the transactions are (nearly) instant and (almost) One of the main advantages of DeFi is that, it is borderless. So anyone, anywhere with a smartphone would have access to the internet ,can use these financial services. This will revolutionise the banking for the poor and unbanked. , They can securely store value by Using security tokens, they can also invest anywhere in the world.

Decentralized finance leverages , are key principles of the Ethereumblockchain to increase financial security and transparency,it unlock liquidity and growth opportunities, and support integrated and standardized economic system. Asset management.

Tokenization is one of the cornerstones of decentralized finance and a native functionality, of the Ethereumblockchain. Tokens not only fuel the network but it also unlocks a variety of economic possibilities

Capitalization value has risen since 2016 from 50K to 87b in 2021


Q1 2019
Q3 2020
Create Smart contract
Q4 2020
Aidrop & Public Sale
Q1 2021
Listing in Exchange
Q2 2021
Build Our Blockchain


3% of each transaction reflected to holders.
3% of each transaction added to liquidity.
6% project development.


Meet Our Creative Team Members

Ziad Zoalnoon Bushra

Founder and CEO

Mohamed Abdalla Abdelfatah

Business Development

Ali modawy abdallah

social media manager

Mohammed Abdalkareem

Web Devolopment

Alnazeer abdelmotalab osman

community manager